3D H Verbinder der Fa. Velken
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Press: New connecting system.


Fast assembly of handrails.

ProduktbeispielThe 3D-Handrail-connection is a new connecting system for installing handrails easily and fast in all forms you can think about.

It's suitable for all angles from 0 to 180°.

Using this registered 3D-Handrail-connection combining round handrails continuously up to the curved one is no problem anymore.

ProduktbeispielThis handrail can be screwed up like a metal pipe. You've got to put the distance piece between the prefabricated elements of the handrail and got to screw them up with a threaded rod.

Carrying out this assembly is very fast. By turning all elements of this handrail you can put them in the desired position for the final assembly. If you install your handrail with the new 3D-Handrail-Connection you can align by turning all elements in the desired position.

You can realize every idea!

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