3D H Verbinder der Fa. Velken
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3D-H-screw, pin and plug


This is a new connecting system for aligning handrails quickly and easily in all forms you can think of.

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The advantages of the new 3D-Handrail-Connection:

  1. There are no limits for every angle from 0 to 180°
  2. It's completely adjustable
    Completely adjustable right up to the curved handrail
  3. Economical time saver
    Does not require any additional measurements or prefabrication
  4. Safety issue
    They are connected and screwed together up to the zero point plus one additonal turn for an exact fit
  5. It can be taken to pieces
    It can be assembled and disassembled very easily
  6. It fits conveniently in every required area
    The handrail is suitable for every staircase

    Every idea can be realised!
    Please contact us: +49 2863 92 454 77

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3D-H-screw                   3D-H-pin                       3D-H-plug
drill jigs
Production: “Made in Germany” in co-operation “in hand” workshop for psyschisch obstructed humans. www.werkstaetten-haushall.de